Saturday, January 29, 2011

My attempt to eBay my way out of clutter continues. Before Christmas I reorganized one of my closets and pulled out some things that I thought I could sell, including a 1994 Dramatists Guild Quarterly with an interview with Stephen Sondheim. (I hope it went to a good home.)

But to send an issue of New York Post commemorating Jackie Kennedy or a Green Stamps catalog from 1981 off to its new owner requires packaging. Not just a box or an envelope but something inside to wrap it or keep it from bouncing around. Often I use a plastic bag or the plastic or paper that was stuffed inside my last Amazon or Fresh Direct order. But as I did the closet cleaning I noticed that not only did I have a lot of old papers, but some of them happened to be stuffed inside large envelopes and folders that could be used for mailing.

So an issue of The Star from 1982 with Liz and Dick on the cover was sent out in a large manila envelope with an old postmark from September 1994 on it. It initially contained something that A.R.T./New York sent to Back Stage when I worked there. A New York magazine with articles on Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth was wrapped in an old envelope from the Institute of Children's Literature, from which I took a correspondence course when I lived in Jersey City. (It had been awhile since I'd seen my old Garrison Avenue address in print.)

What will I find in the files for the old Port Charles breakdowns I saved from my days at the soap magazine? I can't wait to see. Whatever it is, it will be one less thing taking up space in my home.