Monday, February 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Jackie

Jackie Kennedy died of cancer just a few months after my grandmother did in 1993. And I must have bought every tabloid newspaper I could lay my hands on that put her or coverage of her death on its front page. (There wasn't any Internet coverage to speak of back then.) In an oddly morbid way, there was something comforting about it. I felt my grandmother has passed before her time--she was only 71--and wondered if things would have been different if she'd had more money and thus could have gotten better medical care.

As twisted as it might seem, that Jackie had money for the best doctors and still passed away at 64 made me feel ... if not exactly better then at least less despair. My grandmother had pancreatic cancer; even a top-of-the-line Park Avenue surgeon might not have been able to do much for her.

But that's a wound that, even if it hasn't completely healed, doesn't hurt so much anymore, so I decided it was time to part with the papers. And it turns out there's an eBay market for them. I've managed to sell five Daily Newses and Posts, including one for $10.50. Apparently there's still a market for newspapers--what's printed today may be worth something in 18 years.