Sunday, October 9, 2011

Receipts That Won't Go Away

What makes letting go of clutter so hard is that it's connected to memories. By extension, getting rid of it means throwing out my past, and while one shouldn't live in the past, that doesn't mean it should be forgotten.

Take, for example, the "Notice and Demand for Payment of Tax Due" that I received from New York State in 1997 when I was living at 47 Croton in Tarrytown--for $2.15! I'd completely forgotten--I think that was the year I bought a "Taxes for Dummies" book and did them myself--and I didn't contest the findings. (The stub that I returned with payment is missing from the last page.)

What I love is that the state sent five pages to collect $2.15. Including stationery, postage and printing costs, how much was spent to collect such a measly amount?

Even more recent receipts hold memories, like the one for Kotex tampons from the Tampa International Airport dated June 28 at 7:01am. Nothing like being surprised with your period when you're on vacation.

Then there are the ones that are wonderfully serendipitous. I found a receipt from the Fort Hamilton post office dated 1/28/10 for a couple of packages--one shipped to Fort Wayne, Indiana, the other to Glendale, Arizona--the same day that I noticed I also had one for 1/28/12, for a Media Mail package to Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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