Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When I Was a Joiner...

The first time I heard the word e-mail was 1991, when I was a journalism student at NYU covering a story. Shortly after I graduated I joined networking groups like the International Radio & Television Society because at that time my career goals were in broadcast journalism. How times have changed! I'm quite knowledgeable about e-mail these days and any organizations that I belong to contact me through that address.

One downside to the old way was it was yet another way for me to accumulate clutter--some of which I still have. But it's definitely time to throw out the yellow mailings from the Under-30's division, or at least use the blank side for printer paper. I'm not sure I ever attended any of the events: There were happy hours, analyses of news coverage during sweeps, career exploration nights and a seminar from a gender-dynamics expert named Jayne Tear who "examines how traditional male/female learning patterns play a direct role in success or failure in the workplace." In 2011 that sounds positively quaint.

There's also a 1992 renewal invoice that I guess I didn't take advantage of because I still have it. Membership would have increased from $30 to $45, since I was no longer a student, quite a steep jump in those days for an unemployed new college grad with a lot of student loans.

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